Imbio offers a 30-day free trial of our analysis via the Imbio Launchpad web portal. With a Launchpad account, you can have access to Imbio applications including Lung Density Analysis™, Lung Texture Analysis™ and more from our portfolio. (Applications indicated as Beta applications are for investigational or research use only.)

Launchpad provides access to upload a DICOM image series for analysis and retrieve results from your own personal dashboard. You have the option of a "quick download" of the quantiative summary report PDF only, or a "full download" of the complete 3D DICOM series plus the summary report.

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What people are saying

“Given the prevalence and increasing impact of COPD worldwide, there is a crucial need to develop quantitative imaging methodologies which can more objectively characterize the underlying disease phenotypes and ideally, quantify response to therapy.” BRIAN D. ROSS, PH.D.
Professor of Radiology and Biological Chemistry, Co-Director, Center for Molecular Imaging University of Michigan

“As the practice of Radiology becomes increasingly more competitive, the advantage will go to imaging centers that can provide imaging techniques and imaging biomarkers that answer important clinical questions that cannot be answered by imaging competitors.” MURRAY A. SOLOMON, MD.
Medical Director, Los Gatos MRI